The CINP International Scientific Programme Committee welcomes the proposal of symposia that link the latest, and ground-breaking, preclinical developments with the clinical research on a given topic. Through the free and open exchange of ideas, CINP supports a strong focus on new approaches to the development and assessment of CNS pharmaceuticals by researchers working in both academia and industry.


By disorder

By drug and methodology

I Clinical A Addictive Disorders 1 Antidepressants
II Preclinical B Anxiety Disorders 2 Animal Models
III Translational C Attention Deficit Disorders 3 Antipsychotics
IV Others D Bipolar Disorders 4 Anxiolytics
                  E Childhood & Adolescent
5 Brain Stimulation
F Dementia 6 Ethics of Psychopharmacology
G Depression 7 Genetics
H Eating Disorders 8 History of Psychopharmacology
I Epilepsy 9 Hypnotics
J Obsessive-Compulsive
10 Imaging
K Pain 11 Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharmacology
L Panic Disorders 12 Mood Stabilizers
M Personality Disorders 13 Neuropathology/Post Mortem Studies
N Post-Traumatic Stress
14 Neurophysiology
O Premenstrual Syndrome 15 Oriental Medicine
P Schizophrenia 16 Pharmacoeconomics
Q Sexual Disorders 17 Pharmacogenetics/ kinetics
R Sleep Disorders 18 Psychoneuroimmunology
S Suicide 19 Transcultural Psychopharmacology
T Others 20 Others
  21 Computational Neuroscience