Symposia lasting 105 minutes integrate the latest advances in basic, clinical and translational neuropsychopharmacology, biological psychiatry, drug development public policy issues relevant to mental health, mental illness and treatment across the lifespan.
No. Title Track Disorder Drug &
S 01 Uncovering the circuitry of depression and how it guides the development of novel treatment strategies Translational Depression Antidepressants
S 02 Local inhibitory cell circuit: basic principles and disregulation in major mental illnesses Translational Depression Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharamcology
S 03 Neuroscience-based Nomenclature for Psychotropics Clinical Others Others
S 04 Compulsive and Impulsive Disorders: A Translational Perspective Translational Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharamcology
S 05 New Advances in Precision Psychiatry Clinical Others Pharmagenetics/ kinetics
S 06 Predicting therapeutic response in depression Translational Depression Antidepressants
S 07 The role of Short and Long Non-coding RNA in Mental Illness Translational Anxiety Disorders Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharamcology
S 08 Novel approaches to the identification of biomarkers for psychiatric disorders Translational Schizo-phrenia Others
S 09 Novel neuromoduation-based approaches for neuropsychiatric disorders Translational Others Brain Stimulation
S 10 New Technologies for Exploring the Brain: Development of Novel Therapeutic Strategies Translational Depression Genetics
S 11 New findings about what dopamine does in the prefrontal cortex: relevance to schizophrenia Translational Schizo-phrenia Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharamcology
S 12 Translational Neuroscience Perspectives on Stress-Related Disorders: Representing the Society of Biological Psychiatry Translational Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Others
S 13 The shifting brain circuitry underlying addiction Translational Addictive Disorders Others
S 14 Breaking the ground – Evidence for novel classes of anti-depression agents beyond Ketamine Translational Depression Antidepressants
S 15 Cognitive Dysfunction in Depression: Enabling discovery and Treatment development Others Depression Antidepressants
S 16 Cognitive Function in Bipolar Disorder: State of the Art Clinical Bipolar Disorders Mood Stabilizers
S 17 10 years after CATIE – where are we today? Clinical Schizo-phrenia Antipsychotics
S 18 Recent Advances in Drug Dependence Genetics – Legal and Illegal Clinical Addictive Disorders Genetics
S 19 Understanding the role of 5-HT1A receptors and their heteroreceptor complexes in depression Translational Depression Antidepressants
S 20 Finding Autism Before Diagnosis: identification of very early signs of autism spectrum disorders in human and mice Translational Childhood & Adolescent Disorders Others
S 21 Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Schizophrenia: Functional consequences Translational Schizophrenia Psychoneu-roimmunology
S 22 Stress, time and the brain. A dynamic role in neuropsychiatric pathophysiology and treatment Translational Depression Animal Models
S 23 Oxytocin as a multidimensional pharmacotherapy in psychiatric disorders Translational Others Others
S 24 Mitochondrial agents for the treatment of bipolar disorder; a proof of principle clinical trial Translational Depression Molecular Neurobiology/ Pharamcology
S 25 The CINP bipolar algorithm project Clinical Bipolar Disorders Others
S 26 Modulation of emotion in psychiatric disorders Translational Anxiety Disorders Imaging
S 27 CINP-ICGP Panel Molecular Mechanisms of Late Life Mood and Cognitive Disorders: Targets for Prevention and Intervention Clinical Dementia Imaging