Monday, 4th July, 2016 / 14:45 - 16:30
Toward Innovation in CNS Drug Development -The Role of Public-Private Partnerships
Learning Objective To develop new psychotropic drugs, Academia, Industry and Regulators must work together and overcome the challenges such as issues of development of biomarkers and large scale clinical trials. This has been carried forward as Public Private Partnerships for CNS drug innovation.  CINP, as its mission, has convened a series of “CINP CNS Drug Innovation Summit” to address the challenges, and published 10 action-points in the White Paper and a paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. CINP has been continuously playing a leading role in this movement
In this symposium attendees will learn the up-to-date discussion and trend of PPPs in US, Europe and Asian counties to promote the novel CNS drug innovation.
Chair: Prof. Shigeto Yamawaki, Japan
Co-Chair: Prof. Anthony Phillips, Canada  
Speaker 1 Public-Private Partnerships for Drug Discovery: The National Institute of Mental Health Perspective (25min) Dr. Bruce Cuthbert
Speaker 2 Partnerships in Practice – Accomplishments and Lessons from a Pre-Competitive Consortium. (25min) Professor Shitij Kapur
King's College London, UK
Speaker 3 Japan PPPs Perspective (25min)  Dr. Tetsuya Suhara
NIRS, Japan
General Discussion
Discussant 1 Dr. Patricio O’Donnel
Pfizer, USA
Discussant 2 Dr. Mads Dalsgaard
Lundbeck A/S, Denmark
Discussant 3 Prof. John Krystal
Yale University, USA